Aphena Customer and Suppliers : Covid-19

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Aphena is dedicated and committed to our employees' safety and to maintaining our nation's supply chain.

Aphena's workforce fulfills a critical role as providers of pharmaceutical and health-enhancing products to the federal government and nation. We appreciate everyone's efforts to prevent the spread of this virus and to help keep our workforce strong in this time of national crisis.

We have implemented new changes in Aphena's HR policy to address safety and cross-contamination concerns if an Aphena employee tests positive for COVID-19. Aphena's facilities and workforce are operating at full strength and running three to four shift operations, depending on the facility. Aphena does not have any reported employees who have tested positive for COVID-19. Aphena is actively hiring and training new employees. If we anticipate a drop in daily attendance, we will be ready.

Aphena is restricting access to our facilities on all fronts. We are monitoring all employees before they enter the facilities. We have implemented travel bans and quarantine times, if travel must happen, to keep our workforce safe. If an employee has any of the COVID-19 signs, they will be sent home and instructed to call their doctors for screening. A first-response team has been established to safely handle concerns internally and to sanitize contact areas if required.

Aphena is a vital part of the government's and nation's healthcare supply chain, and we will be needed more in the coming days than ever before. We have a collective obligation and responsibility to keep the Rx pipeline strong for our nation. Patients with other serious illnesses and disease need the products we manufacture and package. Aphena is focused on keeping the supply chain intact and operational. Please work with us during this time, and stay in communication with your account managers and project team leaders.

The world is facing a unique challenge with COVID-19, and in the short term, there are no easy answers or solutions. What we do know today is that our only course must be together, unified as one family, one nation and one world. We have beaten far greater challenges than this virus, and together, we will protect the supply chain.

God Bless you, your families, and the world.
Shawn Reilley
CEO, Aphena Pharma Solutions, Inc.