Pharmaceutical Aggregation Services

Pharmaceutical Serialization Services

Aphena Pharma Solutions’ serialization process provides assurance that your product is being monitored with industry-leading traceability technology to protect your brand and your end users. Aphena has vast experience implementing serialization solutions for pharma and government clients.

Our pharma serialization services will meet all criteria demanded for security and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Aphena can aggregate serial numbers up to three levels of packaging in multiple formats. This process will identify specific products and their origin with a single scan of the pallet label.

Serialization gives the end customer the ability to fully investigate the manufacturing and supply chain movements of the product. Aphena’s Electronic Product Code Information System (EPCIS) will communicate with any customer's system for data integrity and accuracy.

Benefits of Serialization

  • One Data Matrix Symbol Contains: Expiration Date, Lot Code, Serial Number, GTIN & a GS1
  • Offers Complete Supply Chain Track-and-Trace Capability
  • Prevent Counterfeiting
  • Brand Protection
  • FDA Regulations for all Rx Products

Pharmaceutical Serialization Requirements

Serialization in the pharmaceutical industry is the ability to trace or track any finished good unit through the entire supply chain, all the way back to where it was packaged. Serialization is especially imperative now that it is an industry-wide requirement as outlined by the DSCSA requirements by the FDA. Serialization helps identify illegitimate or expired products in the supply chain and accelerates the removal of those products if necessary.