Aphena Pharma Solutions is a contract pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging company that serves the pharmaceutical industry from two distinct operations in the United States — a solid-dose division in Tennessee and a liquid manufacturing and packaging campus in Maryland — both of which are both DEA licensed and FDA registered.

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  • Solid & Semisolid Dose Packaging
  • Bottling, Cartoning, Blister Packaging, Pouching, Secondary Packaging, Rework Projects & Kit Assembly
  • Facilities Totaling 578,000 Square Feet

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  • Liquid & Topical Manufacturing and Packaging
  • Full Manufacturing and Lab Services, Bottling, Tubes, Vials, Pouching, Form-Fill-Seal, Kit Assembly and Secondary Packaging
  • Facilities Totaling 184,000 Square Feet

Multiple facilities occupy 762,000 square feet and offer operations 24 hours per day, six days per week with a total of more than 450+ employees company wide.

Our facilities offer state-of-the-art security that includes 24-hour, full-facility surveillance; point-of-entry limitations; and alarm systems. All controlled substances are secured, handled and stored in accordance with DEA regulations. The flow of products through the facility is carefully controlled and monitored, maintaining the integrity of the process stream. Some facilities have precise tracking that allows the company to identify each item's location during the process. Products can be tracked from the time they are accepted into the warehouse until the time they are packaged and shipped.

Aphena offers over 70 controlled-environment areas as defined by the FDA, and all equipment areas dispensing procedures and processing lines are internally regulated for cleanliness. The facilities feature HEPA systems and meet temperature and humidity standards for Rx, medical device and biologic production. Standard operating procedures provide for the breakdown, cleaning and reassembling of each piece of equipment used in the special handling of pharmaceuticals and similar products. Aphena is a leader in our industry for packaging line changeovers, and our process is the fastest and most efficient in our industry.