Solid Dose Blister Packaging

Aphena offers a large array of thermoforming and cold-forming blister packaging. Aphena has invested millions of dollars in both short and long-run blister equipment, from fully automated lines with inline cartoning to semi-automated blister packaging machines. Aphena Standing Operating Procedures control every step, from incoming bulk quality inspections, primary packaging and secondary packages through the quality systems final release process. Whatever your production needs, be assured Aphena will maintain product integrity and packaging solutions.

Blister Equipment Highlights:

  • Thermo and Cold Forming Options
    • High-Speed PharmWorks Lines with Inline Cartoning
    • Short-Run BliPak Lines for Quick Changeover and Small Batches
  • Large Tooling Portfolio
  • Auto Leaflet Inserting
  • Leak Detection Systems
  • X-Ray Tablet Detection for Cold Forming
  • Visions Systems for Lot & Expiration Verifications
  • Flexibility for Designs & Configurations
  • Compliance with CPSC Protocols for CR/SF
  • Low Start-Up Costs for New Projects or Stability Studies
  • Vertical & Fully Automatic Cartoners
  • Custom Configurations for Inserts, Expiration Date & Lot Number Printing
  • Closure by Straight, Reverse Tuck or Adhesive