The solid-dose products are sealed in standard- or custom-packaging designs, including fully labeled pouches, bottles or blisters. Each primary packaged component then can be placed into another custom, secondary carton configuration based on the customer’s needs. Package sizes can be adjusted to satisfy specific customer needs.

Unit-of-Use Packaging Options

  • Thermoform & Coldform Blisters with Individual Bar Codes
  • Liquid Cups - 5ml to 30ml Sizes
  • Bottles – Pharmacy Dispense Ready
  • Flexible Pouching & Sachets

Unit-of-Use Packaging Benefits

  • Improve Pharmaceutical Safety & Workflow
  • Increase Efficiency & Reduce Prep Time
  • Heighten Security of Pharmaceuticals
  • Reduce Human Error in Administering Dosages
  • Manage and Maintain Inventory
  • Uphold Integrity of Medications & Dosing
  • Electronically Transfer Pertinent Patient Record Data

Unit-of-UsePackaging Capabilities


Solid Dose

• Unit-of-Use Blisters
• Unit-of-Use Bottles


Topicals & Creams

• Unit-of-Use Sachets
• Unit-of-Use Micro Tubes


Swabs & Towelettes

• Swabs in Sachets
• Towelettes/Wipes in Sachets



• Unit-of-Use Cups
• Unit-of-Use Shot Glasses