Pharmaceutical Plastic Tube Packaging

Pharmaceutical Tube Packaging

Pharmaceutical plastic tube packaging offers flexible, convenient, and cost-effective solutions for products including creams, lotions, and liquids. Pharmaceutical plastic and aluminum tubing provides an airtight hygienic packaging option for a wide range of products.

Our Pharmaceutical Tube Packaging Capabilities

We fill and package plastic and metal tubes for the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of sizes, and we can automatically load them into printed folding cartons for our customers if they wish. Our liquid packaging facilities are DEA-licensed and FDA-registered. They use premium HEPA filtration systems to ensure indoor air quality during the packaging process.

We can manufacture and fill tubes from 1-gram micro fills to 225-gram large fills. Our equipment can handle various viscosity levels, including liquids, gels, creams, and ointments. Additionally, Aphena Pharma provides custom labeling solutions to enhance your packages appearance.

Whether you choose plastic or aluminum tube packaging, Aphena Pharma Solutions' cGMP-compliant manufacturing processes meet ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 standards for medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical Plastic Tube Packaging

Plastic tubes are lightweight and convenient. They provide a cost-effective solution for products including creams, ointments, gels, and lotions. Pharmaceutical plastic tube packaging helps keep UV rays out and seals moisture in to keep products contamination-free.


Plastic is ideal for applications where you need a cost-effective solution to pharmaceutical packaging. Tubes are also very mobile and are easy to transport for your convenience. Our tube filling operations are ideal for products such as cosmetics, medicated ointments, and veterinary creams.

Pharmaceutical Aluminum Tube Packaging

Metal and aluminum tubes are a pharmaceutical, OTC, and cosmetic industry standard. They provide an airtight environment that seals out contaminants while retaining the moisture of packaged products. We line our pharmaceutical aluminum tube packaging with hygienic materials to improve function and performance.


Its ability to retain a fold without rupturing makes aluminum a great choice for tube packaging for thicker ointments and creams. Eye creams, vet ointments, and pain gels are just a few of the products that do well with metal tubes.

Benefits of Tube Packaging for Pharmaceuticals

Tube packaging offers a lightweight and affordable solution that makes dispensing liquids and creams easy. It provides numerous benefits to the pharmaceutical industry, including extended product shelf life and protection from water, sunlight, and contaminants. Using an FDA and ISO approved and licensed tube packaging manufacturer and filler like Aphena Pharma also helps you maintain regulatory compliance.

Custom Pharmaceutical Tube Packaging Solutions

Aphena Pharma Solutions is a top U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging contract manufacturer. We provide custom pharmaceutical plastic tube packaging service for creams, lotions, and liquids. Contact us to learn more about our custom packaging solutions.