Our team of seasoned experts collaborates with clients and addresses every aspect of their product.

We partner with clients to develop the solutions they need to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. In fact, Aphena's strength lies in management's ability to understand clients' unique environments and create dynamic solutions, which often result in original technology to meet a challenge.

Aphena customers enjoy reduced cycle time, cost and resources associated with inventory handling, while maintaining control of information. Aphena manages receiving, storage and shipping of customer inventory, including accurate, timely and seamless information flow. Responsiveness includes communicating accurately and as often as the client desires.

Through data exchange, clients can keep abreast of information at any point in the information stream. From receipt to shipping, inventory reports reflecting the location of the customer's product are available for review. Daily access to inventory information for larger customers is available via direct contact or electronic communication. Aphena ensures the integrity of the upstream and downstream information flow through systematic information analysis.