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Solid Dose Division

Blister carding, cartoning and compliance packaging

Aphena offers an array of blister packaging in thermoform and cold-form blisters. Our control of the blistering process delivers faster and more cost-effective turnaround of product runs. The automated blister equipment allows for short- or long-run production while reducing up-front tooling costs for projects. We control every step, from incoming bulk quality inspections, tool configuration, forming, sealing, leak testing, cartoning and bundling to final release with your quality team. Whatever your production needs, be assured Aphena will maintain product integrity and packaging solutions.
We offer:
  • Thermoform and cold-forming blister machines
  • Five high-speed indexing blister carding machines, two of which are fully automated with robotic pick-and-place
  • Standardized on the same web technology for flexibility to package small or large products
  • Extensive tool designs – almost any configuration for existing marked products or for your new project needs
  • Flexibility for designs and configurations
  • Custom photoelectric stations, Microscan bar code scanners and specialized magazines for special blister orientation
  • Slim and high-capacity designs
  • Easy-to-open options
  • Compliance with CPSC protocols for CR/SF
  • Low start-up costs for new projects or stability studies
  • Vertical and fully automatic cartoners
  • Custom configurations for inserts, expiration date and lot number printing
  • Closure by straight, reverse tuck, or adhesive
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