Reinventing Your Supply Chain


Our more than 30 years of experience in flexible packaging has produced a legacy of successful performance for our customers, the largest of which has turned to us for more than 15 years for their product development needs.
We offer a professional project management team that uses our specialized in-house design process, project management software and electronic data interchange (EDI) to deliver outstanding results. And because customer satisfaction is our number-one goal, we have in-house customer service coordinators who implement forecast and inventory management, utilize dashboards and foster a "can-do" culture of creative problem solving.

Executive Officers

Shawn Reilley
Sitakant Chaudhury
Robert Scott
Eric Allen
EVP of Sales & Marketing
Patti Hambleton
VP of Quality and Regulatory
David Fidler
VP of Project Management
Curt Knuston
VP of Engineering
Katie Murphy
Corporate Procurement Manager

Sales Team

Eric Allen
Bill Eveleth
Paul Glintenkamp
Drew D. John
Evan Rafanello
Corporate Office: 931-372-2041